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Winners Announced in Celebrity Spiedie Cookoff Competition

Although officials say it was too windy for the hot air balloons to take a lift, that didn't stop thousands from heading out to enjoy the third and final day of the 31st Annual Spiedie festival.

Spiedies sizzled with a celebrity cooking competition.

Five media outlets took part in this years competition including yours truly: Fox 40 with our very own Lindsay Raychel and Jeremy Donovan.

It's the heart of the Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally and where the name originates.

"It started like that. My mom still comes, my sister still comes. After all these years I've done this, 31 years, and it's my favorite part of Sunday Spiedie Fest when we have the spiedie cooking contest. You can see things that are going on there and the excitement and just smell the spiedies cooking on the grill," said Spiedie Fest Event Coordinator Dave Pessagno, "It's our local delicacy and people just really enjoy the spiedies."

And these small pieces of meat are continuing to cook up some big competition, especially among some local celebrities.

Competition is heating up; but these Citrus Blast spiedies from Fox 40, they smell like a recipe for success.

Our cooks Lindsay Raychel and Jeremy Donovan worked hard to get the right spiedie.

"We did do a series of taste testings to make sure we had the right spiedie that we wanted. And I think a citrus kind of taste would be refreshing on a hot day like today," said Fox 40's Lindsay Raychel.
"We took a traditional spiedie and added some lemon, some lime and orange, to just kind of citrus the whole thing out. And it just smells delicious and tastes delicious," said Fox 40's Jeremy Donovan.

And judges shared a little on what they were looking for.

"I mean, I think it comes down to the tenderness of the meat, and the marinade. A lot of people really pride themselves on their secret marinade ingredient," said Celebrity Spiedie Cooking Contest Judge Kristen Roby, "I think that from a taste perspective I'll be looking at just the real strong flavor, as well as the tenderness of the meat, and just how it comes off the grill."

And the winner was... Fox 40!

While our chefs celebrated their victory, they are also looking to maintain the title in the future.

"If Jeremy and I are both here, then we'll definitely be returning to the Spiedie Fest because we have to claim our title," said Raychel.

Our friends at WBNG came in third place with their breakfast spiedie and a close second place went to the guys at News Channel 34 with their more traditional spiedie with greens and provolone cheese on the bread. Congratulations to all who participated.