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Update: Police Release Name of Man Involved in PA Standoff

We now know that name of a Pennsylvania man involved in a State Police standoff Friday.

Pennsylvania State Police identify the suspect as 33-year old Justin Holloway.

Reports say police were dispatched to 210 West Parker ave just after 10:30 Friday morning for a report of a suicidal male.

When police arrived, they were advised that Holloway was inside the home with a sawed-off shotgun and IED. The Robert Packer Hospital was put on lock-down and a nearby farmers market and residents were also evacuated.
Pennsylvania State police SERT team arrived on scene using an armored vehicle.

Holloway was taken into custody at 8:33 without incident.
He was transported to Robert Packer Hospital for treatment on a mental health warrant.

State police searched Holloway's home and found an illegal sawed off shotgun and IED.
Pennsylvania state Police were assisted by more than 10 agencies including Athens Township police, Bradford County Sheriff's office and
the Pennsylvania bomb squad.

Holloway faces multiple charges some of which include, Terroristic Threats, Prohibited Offensive Weapon and Unlawful Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction.