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Latest on Friday's Standoff in Sayre, Pennsylvania

A man is in custody following a nine-hour standoff in Sayre, PA.

There have been reports that Pennsylvania State Police have a man in custody. Police are not yet identifying this man. Police had been negotiating with someone they were referring to as "Justin" from this Packer Avenue home.

No surprise, police cordoned off the perimeter to keep the area safe, but neighbors were on edge as they watched this situation unfold.

"A lot of scariness, there's never anything like this in Sayre that I know of," said Sayre Resident Loretta Rogers.

"You know, you can contact the police department, the hospital, anything like that for these types of situations. We are still believing it is a suicidal type situation," said Sayre Police Officer Nikki Hoffman.

They wanted to make it clear there were never hostages. No shots were fired.

So again it appears this nine-hour standoff has ended without injuries. And there were a lot relieved people in Sayre Friday night.