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Armed Standoff in Sayre

A possible domestic disturbance has lead to an armed standoff in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

Police have been negotiating since this morning with a man in a home on Packer Avenue. Sayre police say this is not a hostage situation and that police haven't yet made contact with the person inside.

They are also waiting for New York State Police for help with entry into the building. Police say they don't believe that there are any injuries. we spoke to one witness, John Savelli who is President and CEO of the Guthrie Federal Credit Union less than a quarter of a mile from the home where the gunman is barricaded.

"I was actually walking down the street when I saw the Police and an ambulance blocking off Elmer Ave and further down to the south of us. So basically they blocked off Elmer Park and they evacuated the farmer's market. And then we became aware there was a gunman with an automatic weapon," said Savelli.

The Guthrie Sayre campus is under a limited lock-down. Police did shoot bean bags into the home earlier in the afternoon.