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Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie Visits Binghamton

The State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie paid a visit to Binghamton Thursday which is one of his many stops along his tour of upstate New York.

Thursday afternoon at Binghamton University, he did not comment on the race for the vacant local State Senate seat. He did, however, speak with us about his opinion on the status of New York's economy.

Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie said, "I think that it's improving but we still have a lot of work to do, particularly for the upstate region and this is again why it's important for me as a guy from the city, the economy in and around New York City is doing well and we'd like to see that kind of prosperity all throughout the state."

Heastie also told us that he is impressed with Binghamton's downtown modernization as well as Binghamton University's new campus additions.