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50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid Celebrated In Binghamton

President Lyndon Johnson joked that former President Harry Truman would have to fill out the application for Medicare benefits on the day the legislation was signed into law. Medicare and Medicaid provided health assistance to those who were elderly or in need.

Today in Binghamton, the 50th anniversary of the birth of the plans wes celebrated.

Those in attendance were working to fight potential cuts to the laws. Wanda Mead Campbell, a local plan advocate, says,"Washington has over and over again, year after year been proposing ways to cut these programs. To eliminate some pieces of the program and this is what we are against."

These plans have provided coverage for those in need, though the health care system and various health concerns have changed in the last 50 years.
Now, there is concern that these plans could evaporate.

Campbell says,"people have bought the line that these programs are in trouble. They have bought that line."