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Last Chance for Woman Who Stole From Fire Department

Terry Gow was ordered to produce a representative from an online loan agency that she claimed she was using to get money to pay restitution.

Thursday she told the court the number for that agency was disconnected.

Judge Martin Smith questioned why she hadn't paid any restitution to the department since her probation sentencing almost a year ago.

Smith told Gow that she would have to pay $1500 every two weeks, or face time in state prison.

The Chief of the Glen Aubrey Fire Department expressed his frustration over the judge's decision.

"I'm totally in disbelief of what happened in the courtroom, she's produced several papers that were fraudulent, she's told the judge numerous lies over and over again, there's never going to be any money paid and our main concern right now is the fire company, we're getting by, we're building ourselves back up," said Terry Smith, Glenn Aubrey Fire Chief.

Terry Gow is due back in court again on October 2nd.