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Residents Voice Concerns with Telecommunications Services

The New York State Public Service Commission is trying to address public concerns with telecommunication services.

Wednesday, the commission held the fourth meeting in a series of nine across the state to gather the public's input.

The Public Service Commissioner says here in Binghamton the public is bringing up concerns of cable service quality, availability of broadband service and cost.

A woman spoke about how she wants to make sure the best quality of service is being delivered to all parts of New York, not just the bigger cities.

Jennifer Tuttle, Deputy Director of Politics and Legislation said, "Reintroduction of service quality standards because before when things were regulated in 1996 and prior, service was better. It's pretty simple, when we allow companies to get away with whatever they want and make billions of dollars in profits and not have to re-invest in the products, service is going to suffer."

The next meeting is scheduled for next week in Syracuse.

However, if you would like to voice your concerns, you can do so by calling the Public Service Commission line at 1-800-335-2120.