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Social Media Reuniting Pets with Owners

By Jason Weinstein.
When Jeff Marcey's boxer Tyson went missing from his Newark Valley home earlier this month, it turned Marcey's family's life upside down.

"We basically lived out of our truck. Our leads were 10 hours late. We would get a phone call at 11 saying we saw him last night at 9. So we were always behind him," said Jeff Marcey.

As you can see Tyson is back home after six days away.

"He's just the best. He's a good guard dog. He's a nice family dog," said Colin Marcey.

But not without the help of thousands of friends. Marcey spread the word on a number of facebook pages, including Fox 40's.

"It had over 25,000 hits and a lot of people shared posts so it got out there even more," said Jeff Marcey.

The Lost and Found Pets of Broome County facebook page is just over two-and-a-half years old. It works with the Broome County Humane Society and Dog Shelter, as well as animal control officers, to create a network of missing pets.

"There's a high success rate with the page working with the shelters and the other resources. I can't just say enough about the people who share these posts because that's what does it," said Kim Gulick of the Lost Pets of Broome County Facebook Page.

"They don't even need to do the hard work of trying to find their dogs. A quick post on our site, the dog's here, we get a call within 24 hours," said Kelly Conlon, Manager of the Broome County Dog Shelter.

These missing pet pages are leading to reunions not possible just five to ten years ago.

"Your chances of having your dog returned were so slim. You had the newspaper and that's it," said Gulick.

Now there are many more avenues leading to emotional returns like Tyson's.
"It was tears of joy, that's for sure. There wasn't a dry eye around," said Jeff Marcey.

"It was like the best dream I ever had. It was a big relief," said Colin Marcey.