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JC Residents Anticipate Revitalization of E-J Factory Buildings

Plans are in place to beautify a central part of Johnson City.

Two blighted industrial buildings on Baldwin Street will be rehabilitated and transformed into The Century Sunrise -- an affordable housing development complete with 104 home units, a restaurant and cafe -- A $29.4 million project.

Johnson City residents are saying they just can't wait.

Sandra Harper moved from Queens to Johnson City nine years ago and is thinking about new home options.

"I'm considering moving into a development or a structure that would help me to be able to enjoy the things that I like about the area and also don't have to do the maintenance," said Harper.

Century Sunrise might be the right place. The proposed housing development site will be located at the old E-J Factory Buildings.

Residents say they're sick of driving through Johnson City and looking at these eyesores but they wont be eyesores for too much longer.

"Its not something that I would like to bring my family and friends who doesn't live here to look at," said Harper.

Rezoning from industrial to commercial is complete and planning is underway.

Larry Regan said, "We'll definitely be coming back to the planning board and seeking approvals and looking for a number of different private equity and public funding sources to bridge the gap in this 23 million dollar development."

"Hopefully it will be a nicer look it will clean up the area and that's our goal in a lot of these blighted buildings. "Hopefully get in the hands of somebody that will do something with them and it will change the look of the area," said Johnson City Mayor Gregory Deemie.

Harper, glad someone is making an investment to revitalize the city she calls home.

"I knew that this was a vibrant area, it had a lot of life and I think that we do need to have more of that brought back in so we can have more vibrancy here," said Harper.

Mayor Deemie and the Regan Development team will hold a press conference at the site on Baldwin Street Thursday morning at the site at 10:30.