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E-J Buildings Refurbished Into Something To Stimulate Economy

In Johnson City, there is hope and excitement over a plan that would turn around two blighted E-J Factory buildings, making them into a $29.4 million housing project. Westchester County-based Regan Development Corporated presented the plan at a village planning board meeting.

Larry Regan, the president of Regan Development Co. said,
"The vision that we planned with working alongside the village, the town, and the county is to take these long vacant, blighted buildings and revitalize them with new residents who would shop, live and work in downtown core and take them and re-position them into the successful economic generators"

Regan is not only eyeing students,the Century Sunrise project includes housing for families, too. The proposed site is at 135-139 Baldwin Street, which is across the street from the new Binghamton University Pharmacy School, and one block from the UHS campus. Regan's plan calls for 104 housing units as well as a restaurant and cafe.