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Staying Safe in the Heat

A hot and humid day Tuesday, and the heat could be more intense Wednesday with temperatures in the 90's.

For some of us that means finding ways to stay cool for comfort, but for others it means staying cool for safety.

The American Red Cross is advising everyone to find air conditioning where they can and stay hydrated.

The agency is also advising people to check on elderly neighbors and loved ones.

The Red Cross says seniors should also have someone they can call if the heat becomes too much.

"Try to stay in air conditioning if you can. If not make sure there are fans running in your house and you're keeping it shaded, generally avoiding any outdoor activity during the heat wave. If you are required to work outside use the buddy system and make sure you have somebody with you," said Colleen McCabe, Interim Executive Director of the Southern Tier Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Some signs of heat stroke include hot, red skin, changes in consciousness, vomiting, and high body temperature.

If you or anyone you see experiences these symptoms you should call 911 immediately.