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Update on Ellis Creek Road Collapse in Barton

Crews are working to repair a portion of Ellis Creek Road in the Town of Barton. This after heavy rains last night caused a portion of the tioga county road to collapse.

Barton Resident Dan Dow was enjoying his Sunday Afternoon at home until the clouds opened up and he saw the road start to flood.

"We walked down the road to see what was going on. It was going across the bridges, there was just so much water that it was more than the pipes could take. I came back and told them that it was going to take out the road," said Dan Dow, resident on Ellis Creek Road.

Dow has lived on the road since 1960 and he says this collapse was worse than the flooding in 2011.

"I can't even tell you how much water came down. We couldn't even see from the house to the barn. I didn't see how much rain we got but I'm sure it was several inches in about 45 minutes to 1 hours," said Dow.

At the edge where the road collapsed, there is a big pipe that experts have said could last a very long time but because of debris and massive amounts of rain, it ended up collapsing.

"If the ground wasn't so saturated with water now, a lot of the rainfall would have soaked in. But because of the high intensity rainfall, the system isn't really designed for that," said Gary Hammond, Commissioner of Public Works in Tioga County.

Today, Construction crews brought in the new pipe to start fixing the road.

"One of the pipes was damaged. However, we have one in stock that we can use to replace it so we will replace the damage pipe and basically clean up the mess that was left and repave the road," said Hammond.

Tioga County Highway department said Ellis Creek Road plans to be reopened in a week to 10 days. If you are driving in the area, be aware of Detours to Oak Hill and Crandall Road.