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Maintaining Broome County Public Pools Isn't an Easy Job

According to the CDC, the average swimmer contributes at least 0.14 grams of fecal matter to pool water — usually within the first 15 minutes of entering.

That's just one of the reasons why public pool upkeep is necessary.

"You want to make sure the pool is clean for everybody you want to make sure everything is up to standards with the health department," said Daniel Macquarrie, Vestal Memorial Pool director.

Any pool within the county is not going to stay open without passing a thorough inspection.

"We do require that the life guards or the pool staff check the chlorine or pH levels in the pool daily chlorine has to be tested and the results recorded on a sheet that we collect at the end of the month and that's three times a day they're required to do that," said Broome County Health Department Senior Public Health Sanitarian Victoria Perkins.

Broome County Health Department inspectors conduct a walk around inspection once a year checking for things like, safety rules, filtration, permits, ladder upkeep, life guard presence, CPR masks, and chemicals.

"We really we like to keep up to date on maintenance. We vacuum the pool twice a week and we clean our filter system every five days," said Macqarrie.

Smelling too much chlorine? Well it might not be chlorine after all.

"A lot of times people go to a pool and they smell that smell and they think this pool has so much chlorine in it. And a lot of times what they're smelling is what we call chlorimines. And chlorimines are actually a combination or a bi product of the chlorine that's being used as a disinfectant and then things like urine sweat spit things that come off our bodies and into the pool," said Perkins.

And don't hesitate to ask lifeguards for a chemical check.

"As long as the chlorine levels and the pH levels are maintained in accordance with the code it should be safe to swim in the pool."

After working the pool for the last nine summers Macquarrie has one thing to say,

"Really good job; the town does a great job with us and that's why everybody keeps coming back."