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Republican Candidate Denver Jones Talks Bid in Special Election for Senate

Republican candidate Denver Jones announces he will make a bid in a special election in November for the vacant 52nd district New York Senate seat.

The announcement comes after former Senator Tom Libous has been removed from office after his felony conviction for lying to the FBI.

Jones claims he's fit for the job stating quote "It is certain that the people of Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Tioga counties will not have to worry about corruption with me in office." End quote ...

Jones also says if elected, he has one primary focus for the district...

"We need jobs that people can support their families on and feel like they're accomplishing something when they bring home their paycheck instead of 'what did I work all this time for and I have nothing to show for it'."

Now Binghamton Mayor Rich David says he's received some encouragement to place a bid for the 52nd senate district seat as well.

But the Mayor claims he will not pursue the seat and that he has a commitment to the city of Binghamton, saying, "City residents put their faith in me and I want to focus on implementing my vision for improving our community."

Candidate Denver Jones commends mayor David for his devotion.

Denver Jones said, "I think that's good for him, I mean he stated that he's got his hands full right now and he's got a job to do and he's doing it
He isn't saying 'well here's a better thing and tough for Binghamton.' I think that's a positive aspect."

Now that special election for the Senate seat will take place this November.