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Cannonsville Dam Repairs and Resident Concerns Addressed

Safety concerns regarding the Cannonsville Dam are being addressed Thursday night in Deposit.

Dozens of people gathered at a movie theater on Front Street to discuss how groundwater was struck under natural pressure while drilling for a future hydroelectric plant. Department of Environmental Protection Officials say they were doing test drilling and one hole was drilled too deep which mobilized water and carried sediment into the reservoir. Officials say the dam has been under 24 hour monitoring and that the leak has not compromised the dams strength...but some residents remain concerned.

Resident, Chuck Schroeder said, "The concern is for the people who live along the river and the people who depend on the infrastructure, the bridges that they cross to go to work, so on and so forth. The concern is that one of these reservoirs, because we feel are being mismanaged could fail."

Director of Public Affairs, DEP, Adam Bosch said, "If the drilling had been done in a slightly different way, we might not be here right now but it wasn't and we are and now we're working to fix it."

Bosch says that the repairs are expected to cost between 4 and 6 million dollars and should be completed by the end of August.