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Fire Breaks Out at East Middle School

A fire breaks out at Binghamton's East Middle School, trapping construction workers on the roof.

The call to the Frederick Street School came in
just before 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Officials say 8 to 10 construction workers were working on replacing the roof at the time of the fire and became trapped. The Binghamton Fire Department rescued the workers using ladders. There were middle school staff members in the building at the time of the fire but officials say they made it out safely thanks to the school's fire alarms.

Superintendent, Marion Martinez said, "First reaction was to be concerned about the safety of the workers and any school personnel in the building and as I had said earlier the black smoke billowing out made it look rather catastrophic."

Martinez says she believes the damage was confined to the roof. No one was injured and the cause of the fire is still unknown. An investigation will be conducted before Structural Engineers check the safety of the building.