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Possible Jail Time for Woman Who Stole From Volunteer Fire Department

Unable to pay restitution, the woman who stole $50,000 from a volunteer fire department may be facing jail time.

Members of the Glen Aubrey fire department say that they're still looking for justice.

Chuck Yesaluski said, "Well obviously for the taxpayers in our town we were hoping to get the money back so we can help our fire department out but now the time has come that she should pay the piper and go to jail.

Terry Gow appeared in Court today unable to pay her $50,000 restitution with only a statement from a Loan Age Agency the judge believed to be fraudulent.

Gow claimed to have applied for a $100,000 loan through an agency called "Zeal Loan". A quick Google search by the prosecution revealed that the agreement was from a lender in the UK. The judge called the document fraudulent, and scheduled a hearing for July 30th, at which Terry must have a representative from the loan agency testify on her behalf. Failure to do so could land her in jail.