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Jury Gets Case in Libous Trial

By Fox 40 Staff.
Tuesday the prosecution and defense presented their closing arguments to the jury in the trial of State Senator Tom Libous, who is charged with providing a false statement to the FBI in his alleged role in getting his son Matthew a job with a Westchester County law firm.

The prosecution went first and recapped the evidence on a timeline from September 2005- January 2006 when senator Libous helped his son Matt get a job at the westchester firm and used a lobbying firm to meet the salary requirements of 150 thousand dollars for his son.

The prosecution claimed senator Libous said he would give the firm so much business that they would have to open a new wing in the firm.

The prosecution stated to the jury that Tom Libous "drove the bus" in getting his son the job, having the lobbying firm give his son a "gift" of over $4,000 a month, and Libous was clear in his denial when being interviewed by the FBI.

The defense opened it's argument that there are vague and ambiguous questions and statements in the case.

Defense attorney Paul DerOhannesian said Libous did nothing improper and was working hard with a disorganized schedule during a busy Senate Session in June. Then then the defense presented 10 reasons why there was reasonable doubt in this case.

The defense stated that key prosecution witness Anthony mangone was a walking and talking example of reasonable doubt who is a serial and pathological liar.

DerOhannesian told the jury members that the problem with this case is that the prosecution is making them take a guess about phone calls and other records.

He stated there was a lack of evidence. The judge then charged the jury, which will start deliberating Wednesday at 9:30 am.