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Binghamton City Council Reviews Sexual Harassment Policy

The City of Binghamton is taking more time to review the police department's sexual harassment policy.

The review comes following the recent controversy involving formerly suspended officer Kristi Sager, who alleged that Chief of Police made sexual advances towards her in March.

City council hired an independent attorney to perform an audit of the department, which revealed some issues regarding morale.
Council members also spoke on standard rules on the sexual harassment policy and how any issue would be handled.

"The idea of the low morale is a couple things. 1: Its such a small unit or group that the chances of promotion are less, than if it were a large organization, they believe that they're understaffed, there's only so many positions and assignments, so they don't see a promotional avenue."
Joseph J. Steflik, Partner at Binghamton Law Firm

Although complaints were later dropped, City Council members say they're focused on preventing future issues.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.