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Belly Busting Burger Comes to Tioga Downs

Some friendly competition is cooking up between local restaurants.

Sunday Tioga Downs hosted their first annual Belly Busting Burger Battle.
Local bars and restaurants were asked to bring out their finest product to see who would win the title of "best burger" in the area. Hundreds attended and for just $15 they were able to sample the competition.

"We got the idea, down in Philly they do one every year, so we just thought it would be something nice to bring to this area," said Tioga Downs Marketing Services Coordinator Alison Meyer,"I think it's summertime, people love looking at new local restaurants, seeing what every has to offer. So if you've never been some place and you see that they're coming, it's a great way to get to come to one area to try a bunch of new burgers."

And the winner of the contest earning the title of "Best Burger in the Southern Tier" goes to Broad Street Pub in Waverly.

First place for people's choice was "Cafe Too" in Sayre.
All proceeds from today's event will benefit children attending the Salvation Army's Long Point Camp on Seneca Lake.