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St. Johns Ukrainian Church Kicks Off Festival Weekend

A local church is inviting the community to celebrate in its cultural traditions.

Saturday, St. John's Ukrainian Church in Johnson City kicked off their 88th annual Ukrainian Days Festival Weekend.

The parish invites the community to come and take part in things like traditional dances, choir performances, a live polka band and to enjoy some good old ethnic eating.
People could also receive tours of the church.

Those involved with putting the event together say the weekend is all about inviting the community to be "Ukrainian for the day."

"We look forward to this day every year. It's a wonderful opportunity for our parish to open its doors to the community and share the rituals of our culture. It's about faith, family and fellowship. And we really appreciate the public coming and being a part of this celebration," said Volunteer for Ukrainian Days Festival Nadya Wasylko.

The festival's activities will continue Sunday through 6 p.m.