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Fairgoers Celebrate Last Day of 44th Annual Conklin Fair

Over in Conklin -- the last day to enjoy some fair festivities.
The 44th annual Conklin fair kicked off Thursday with what organizers call the largest parade Conklin has ever seen complete with marching bands from around the Southern Tier.

If you attended the fair you've probably also caught the many rides, car shows, games and contests. Fairgoers express it's an event they look forward to each year and also a fitting event for the entire family..

"It's a beautiful day and the wrist bands are a ride all you want for one price, so it was a pretty reasonable time," said Fairgoer Holly Soules.
"It's family-oriented. I can bring these guys, my grandsons, it gives us something to do, you know, you don't see many small town carnivals anymore. It used to be in every town, but they don't have them anymore," said Fairgoer Bill Overfield.

Fair festivities wrapped up Saturday night with a fireworks show.