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Binghamton Officials are Taking Action to Ensure its Parking Garages are Safe

In the wake of Thursday's parking garage collapse in Johnson City, Binghamton Mayor Rich David says the city has taken steps to ensure the safety of its ramps.

David said the closing of just less than half of the Collier Street parking garage is an example of measures taken by the city to prevent incidents similar to yesterday's. Crews working on the Collier Street ramp in June discovered problems were more expensive and complex than originally expected back in early June.

"In Binghamton, we've already taken the proactive steps to close the top two stories of the Collier Street ramp; which, as I've indicated at many different points of time, we feel is in the worst condition of all three parking ramps," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

According to 2014 and May of 2015 reports from a consultant hired by the city, the Collier Street ramp has approached the end of its useful life.