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Arrest in Fatal Binghamton Stabbing

We have an update on the story that we told you about Thursday night when police were looking for the man responsible for a stabbing at 194 Main Street in Binghamton Thursday afternoon.

Police do have 38-year-old Antonio Jenkins in custody. Authorities say Jenkins stabbed his half brother 22-year-old James Williams in the chest. Williams was found lying on the sidewalk in front of 194 main street. He was taken to Wilson Hospital where he died in the operating room. Police believe the stabbing was the result of a domestic dispute between the two brothers.

"We started out with nothing. I want to commend both patrol response and the investigators because when we got there, it's a big apartment building with a lot of people, and we were getting no cooperation. The detectives kept beating bushes, kept going back, locating people that we knew lived there and we finally came up with what happened and where we could locate the suspect," said Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

The Chief says both of the men are from Queens and Jenkins has only been living in the area for 3 months. He's been charged with first degree manslaughter and is being held in the Broome County Jail without bail. Anyone with information is asked to call Binghamton Detectives at 772-7080.