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Aftermath of Garage Collapse Continues

By Fox 40 Staff.
Engineering and construction crews continue to deal with the aftermath of the UHS parking garage collapse on Baldwin Street in johnson city. There's still no cause determined on the collapse but officials continue to believe no one was killed or injured during the incident. According to a spokesperson for the hospital the engineering firm of Klepper, Hahn, and Hyatt is inspecting the scene.

The syracuse firm is the one the hospital uses to inspect all of it's buildings, as UHS does own the garage. A spokesperson for UHS says he does not know when the garage was last inspected. The construction firm Lechase also worked to stabilize what remains of the structure.

"It could have been worse. We really don't have 100 percent proof that nobody was in there or that there were no casualties at all until we remove all the debris that's in there. But at this point the (search) dog came back with no hits. The police have gotten a lot of the numbers of the vehicles, the cars, and I believe they have called a lot of the people ," said Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie (R).

UHS had the Picciano building closed Friday, except for cafeteria service. The hospital is waiting for engineers to give approval before allowing employees to re-enter, something that may happen early next week.