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Rescued Dogs Will Soon Be Up for Adoption

Almost two dozen pups are getting another lease on life, after being discovered in terrible conditions, and Humane Society volunteers say their condition is improving.

The 22 Shih Tzu dogs that were rescued from the basement of an apartment in Endwell last Thursday are doing well, according to Humane Society Caretakers.

Thanks to generous support from the public, the dogs' vet and grooming expenses are being taken care of.

"We've had a lot of people interested in asking when they will become available, as they become available we'll post them on our Facebook page and our website. Anyone interested is welcome to come in and fill out an application, and we'll give them a call as they become available, everybody is going to become available at different times due to varying health conditions." said Emily Richards, Humane Society Volunteer

The dogs will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.