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State Trooper Saves Teen From Drowning

A New York State Trooper is being hailed as a hero as he rescued a 14-year old girl last night near the Whitney Point Dam at Dorchester Lake.

At about 8:00pm Wednesday night Ttrooper Donald Atkinson was unable to see the victim, but could hear a female yelling for help inside the dam.

Trooper Atkinson entered the water and swam to the dam’s outflow tunnels and located the victim.

The teen was treading water in front of the dam’s intake and was unable to swim out of tunnel due to the strong current.

A good samaritan entered the water, throwing Trooper Atkinson a rope he had gotten from Atkinson's partner Lawrence Gurdo to assist in the rescue.

"The current was very strong. It almost took me right off the ledge but I was eventually able to get over to her. At that point a Good Samaritan came from where I entered the water on that side of the dam. And he got a rope," said Atkinson.

Atkinson is quick to credit his partner Gurdo and the good samaritan, saying the successful rescue would not have been possible without them.

The girl was treated at Wilson Hospital.