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Binghamton's Police Modernization Law Continues in City Council

Discussions about the proposed Police Modernization Law continued Wednesday night in Binghamton City Council Chambers.

The legislation aims to improve data collection on police stops as well as improve diversification in the department and also require cultural competency training.

As a result of tonight's meeting a letter will be written to the New York conference of mayors, the New York State Attorney General's office and the New York State Department of State to clarify that the proposed legislation is not violating any state or constitutional laws.

City Councilwoman Teri Renia says there needs to be more collaboration between the groups working on the legislation.

"But what we need is for everyone to come to the table looking for a solution, not to come to the table looking for a reason why we shouldn't pursue solution and that's how it felt tonight," said District 3 City Councilwoman
Teri Renia.

"Well it was a challenging meeting. There was a lot of debate and discussion about the details of the legislation. We're trying to find common ground with Corporation Counsel," said Sean Massey of the Human Rights Commission.

Discussions on the Police Modernization Law will continue at another meeting scheduled for July 21st.