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Never Before Seen Pictures of Pluto Displayed at Kopernik

Historic, never before seen pictures of a dwarf planet provided a packed house Wednesday night at Kopernick Observatory.

Kopernik hosted "Pluto Palooza" to present recent images as well as scientific explanations of Pluto which were taken by NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft. The spacecraft has been traveling toward Pluto since 2006 and yesterday it reached it's closest distance to the dwarf planet to date allowing observers to get a better view of what's on it's surface.

Science Educator, Dr. Nicolas Guydosh said, "Some of them are very spectacular. They show mountain ranges and a lot of cone shaped mountain figures. They're almost like an upside down ice cream cone, ice on one side, rock on another. "

Kopernik's next big event is it's annual meteor shower which will begin August 11.