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Prosecution Testimony in Libous Trial

By Fox 40 Staff.
The trial of state Senator Tom Libous continued Wednesday.

Libous is charged with one count of providing a false statement to the
FBI. The agency was investigating Libous regarding his alleged role in obtaining a job for his son at a politically-connected law firm in Westchester County.

Anthony Mangone testified for the prosecution Wednesday. He testified that he met with Libous and his son multiple times about the position saying he needed this better job because Matthew needed to make 150 thousand dollars and was unhappy at his last job.

Mangone also testified that Senator Libous promised more work to the firm when they hired his son. According to testimony Wednesday Matthew Libous worked for the firm for seven months and was making 150 thousand dollars but 50 thousand of it came from the lobbying firm Ostra and Hiffa.

Mangone testified Libous set up both jobs to allow his son to make the full salary and the company would receive around 4 thousand dollars a month from Hiffa to be included in Matthew's salary. After seven months, Matthew was let go.

Defense cross examination stressed the criminal background of Anthony Mangone. He is accused of bribery of political figures, stealing from Putnam County, extortion, and untruthful tax payments. He has spent zero days in jail and is under the plea agreement with the government. The defense will continue to cross-examine Mangone Thursday at 9:30.