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Binghamton Students "Go Green" at Science Summer School

By Jason Weinstein.
35 students entering 6th grade in the Binghamton School District are spending the next two weeks at Binghamton University's 6th annual Go Green Institute. On the surface the Institute is teaching about a green environment and sustainable living. But what it's really trying to sustain is an interest in science at a critical time.

"Many students as they go into middle school start to lose their enthusiasm for science. What we hope to do is capture that excitement," said Professor Wayne Jones of Binghamton University's Go Green Institute.

"That's one of the reasons my best friend didn't apply to come here because she's losing her interest in science," said rising 6th-grade student Ashley Katz.

"We're doing a lot of fun and more outdoor activities," said rising 6th-grade student Kiara Doyle.

As students learn about small scale systems integration and autonomous solar power, their growing interest in science is leading to budding ambition.

"I want to go to Yale University. I want to become a forensic scientist that works with bones," said rising 6th-grade student Alexis Tucker.

"We could find cures for diseases," said Katz.

"Maybe young kids like me could change the world for good," said rising 6th-grade Student Alana Hadden.

At the end of the two-week session the students will present a final project. Past items include a way to capture the energy produced in the sole of a sneaker during each step.

"Sometimes you can't get the bath water just right so a little gadget that you just put in how hot and where you want the water," said Hadden.

"These kids are so creative. They're taking basic ideas that we want to teach them as fundamental concepts and they're trying all types of new things," said Jones.

Jones says he hopes grant money will be available to expand the program to include other schools in our area.

****At Binghamton University, Jason Weinstein, FOX 40 HD News****