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Mash Camp Students Partake in Air Transport Demonstration

A medical airlift landing is placed at Wilson hospital Tuesday, but not to worry, it was all for education as part of Mash Camp.

Mash Camp gives area students the opportunity to learn about the medical field. The test flight was a demonstration for students to learn about the helicopter, how victims are transported, what the helo has on-board and how workers train.

The students are part of the Medical Academy for science and health.

They visited a variety of departments including physical therapy, respiratory therapy and maternity.

UHS Nurse Educator Candice Contento said, "They come to at least 12 different areas of the hospital and work with staff of all disciplines to see what is so interesting about health care."

Students also were able to suture bananas and use a $60,000 bronchoscope on a set of fake lungs to remove items like pennies and gummy bears.