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B-Mets looking forward to All-Star Break

Sure it's only two days off in the middle of July, but when you consider that there are only 10 off days in the 142 game Eastern League schedule, that two day All-Star Break is going to feel like an eternity. The Eastern League All-Star Game will be played in Portland on Wednesday with the Home Run Derby on Tuesday. For most of the B-Mets, that two day break is a welcome one.

"It's huge, especially physically and mentally," said B-Mets Catcher Xorge Carrillo. "You don't realize, you play every day, you're doing it every day, you get into a routine and then you get one day off and it almost feels like a week off. You feel almost refreshed and now that you get two days off and I think it's huge for us physically and mentally and something that you look forward to. Kinda just push the reset button and start from zero and take the second half by hand and try to finish strong."

"The break is going to be good for us, number one it's going to give guys some days off," said Manager Pedro Lopez. "Myself, I need a couple days off as well. I think everybody, it's been a grind, it's been a tough season. So we just have to make sure whoever isn't going to the All-Star Game we can get those days and make sure we rest our minds and bodies and be ready to go the following day."