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BU Students Win Airport Competition

Students from Binghamton University came in first place in a national competition to address airport needs.

Obstructions in air navigation have always been a challenging issue.

Officials say things like buildings are well documented, but trees and vegetation are not.

Students in the Binghamton University Scholars Program created an automated system for managing vegetative obstructions which predicts estimated tree growth over time, which is something officials say the FAA has been focusing on.

Senior Vice President of McFarland Johnson Inc. Chad Nixon said, "Those airports really need to know in advance what times and when they're going to have problems with vegetative obstructions. This allows them to know years in advance when they're going to have problems based on the specificity of the tree."

Back in 2010 Binghamton University students designed a geothermal radiant heating system.

The FAA approved a 1.4 million dollar grant to install a prototype at the Greater Binghamton Airport.