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Get Ready Golf at Traditions Golf Course

The Get Golf Ready Clinic began on the practice green on Sunday as new players to the game learned the etiquette and rules of golf while practicing their stroke with PGA Pro Naomi Nesenoff. This was just one of five lessons because golfers in the clinic learned how to putt and then will learn how to execute the short game with chipping and sand shots. The goal for Naomi and Traditions is to get as many people interested in the game of golf as possible.

"It's a fun sport, it's pretty relaxing also so it definitely is a good time to go out in the sun and enjoy it while hanging out with friends. It seems like something pretty fun to do, so the more you learn, the better you can get at it," said Greg Bennett.

"You learn all the basics of golf. But not just the swing, but also what's in the clubhouse, what you wear, all those different things that you don't think about. By the fifth lesson, you will be on the golf course. So, it's a real good clinic to get people into the game," said PGA Pro Naomi Nesenoff.

The clinic will continue later this month and anyone who wants to join should call the Traditions at the Glen Pro Shop.