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A Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Vestal

A Wolcott-based Biopharmaceutical company announced its plans to lease a dispensary facility in Broome County.

On Friday Butler Evergreen officially announced that the Town of Vestal is one of four proposed medical marijuana-based treatment dispensaries in upstate New York. The proposed location for the Butler Evergreen "Well Center" of the Greater Binghamton area is at 3714 Vestal Parkway East.
There patients will be able to receive their prescribed medication and support and guidance in utilizing the cannabinoid therapy. According to officials, these locations were chosen based on their geographical location.

"I have no problem with it coming to Vestal. The Board's excited, the Town's excited and I'm sure the County is excited because they get all of the tax dollars. But we'd love to have them in Vestal. If you want to buy something, you go to Vestal. So I guess these dispensaries want to come to Vestal also because of the heavy traffic we have over here. I think it's a win-win for the County and the Town of Vestal to have these in our area," said Town of Vestal Supervisor John Schaffer.

According to the supervisor multiple dispensaries have approached the town for locations.