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Rescued Animals on The Road to Recovery

Officials from the Broome County Humane Society say the neglected animals rescued from the home in the Town of Union are getting healthier.

The Humane Society took in 22 Shih Tzu dogs and one cat from a condemned home located at 310 Beckwith Avenue Thursday.

The pets were discovered in unsanitary conditions, covered in feces and living without food or water.

However, with help from the Broome County Sheriff's Office and code enforcement, the animals were evacuated and are currently staying in the Humane Society's Shelter.

Shelter officials say there has been an outpouring of community support to meet the necessities for the animal's care.

"We have quite a lot of cleaning supplies on our wish list because we like to keep a sanitary environment for the animals. All the foods that we use are also listed on our website and we have a wish list that can be picked up here. And of course financial donations because there's things that can't be donated like electric, heat and vet care," said Humane Society Shelter Manager Laurie Hubik.

The Humane Society will continue accepting donations. The animals are still being held as evidence as the case for charges against the pets' owner is ongoing.