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Corn Farm Trying to Cash in on Natural Gas Business

Snyder Farm Group known around the Town of Barton for growing corn, but now they're trying to cash in on the natural gas business

Snyder Farm Group Spokesman, Kevin Frisbie said, "The Water, Hydraulic Fracturing has certainly lowered the price of gasoline, made a glut of oil in the country and created thousands of jobs."

They want to do it through an alternative method to hydraulic fracking involving gelled propane and sand, but they're waiting to hear from the Department of Environmental Conservation, after applying for the license.

Frisbie said, "After studying these issues we understand that the water is safe, we believe that, we think that this has a higher standard."

This comes after a recent ban on fracking in the state from Governor Cuomo, who believes it to be harmful to the environment. That's exactly what Citizen Action hopes happens to his plans as well.

Community Organizer, Isaac Silberman said, "This is a matter of trading hazard for hazard, so you have inherent risks to air quality, air pollution is a guarantee with any type of fracking."

He says that this could be an issue to drivers on our roads.

Silberman said, "Tremendous risks of truck traffic this will mean thousands of trucks hauling highly explosive propane. "

But that's not going to stop Snyder Farm Group from pursuing their plans to drill on their own land.

Frisbie said, "We are five landowners who have been here for four generations, our land is green, our water is clean."