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A Park Fully Accessible For All

Recreation Park on Binghamton's west side has been a crown jewel for years. Now officials from the city's Parks and Recreation Department are looking to revitalize four of its acres making it fully handicap accessible.

OurSpace Coordinator, Jennifer O'Brien said, "The vision for our space is about having a place for individuals of all ages and all abilities to come and play together."

The project is called "OurSpace" and it will be more than just a playground, officials say it will provide engaging interactive areas as well as quiet spaces to accommodate everyone. According to one Conklin resident it also passes along the message that everyone matters.

Conklin Resident, Carrie Shore said, "This is something that's important to our community to include everybody."

Officials say the OurSpace project is the only location on the east coast to meet all the requirements to be a special needs park.

O'Brien said, "It is a conceptual design that really has no equal but it is equal to all."

Whether you are a toddler or senior citizen...if you are affected by dementia or you have autism, OurSpace is welcoming all. Officials say the project is expected to be hoping to be complete by the end of November.