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Homeowners Concerned About Opening of Group Home in Their Neighborhood

It was standing room only in the Town of Chenango as an agency
opening a group home met with upset neighbors on Wednesday.

Achieve employees answered a range of questions from Wallace Road residents. Questions about security, safety and supervision. Residents were also angry about what they say was lack of transparency.

Achieve said the house was picked based on its size, proximity to the agency's headquarters and input from the individuals who would be living there. Achieve Executive Director Mary Jo Thorne said she hopes the meeting will clear up any rumors and calm concerns.

"I just want to make sure that individuals have clear information with regard to what the intentions are of our organization and that they don't walk away with misinformation in which really taints the organization and mission we have to serve individuals in the community, said Mary Jo Thorne, Executive Director, Achieve.

Fox 40's Alex Howard talked to Wallace Road homeowners who remained skeptical the meeting would address their concerns.

In a quiet suburb in the town of Chenago, Danielle Mahakian is playing with her three kids down the road from their Wallace Road house.
Mahakian is just one neighbor worried about safety when it comes to the new group home
"I have some concerns regarding the residents that are moving in. Numerous sources said that they are coming from Broome Developmental and have a violent past." - Danielle Mahakian
Achieve said the information is not true.
Executive Director Mary Jo Thorne said none of the adults moving into 39 Wallace Road have a history of violence.
Hank Mudge has his own concerns. But says he think it is too late. The group home is here to stay. Renovations are already underway.
"The idea that the vehicles are here working on the house tells me that its a done deal regardless of the meeting tonight." - Hank Mudge
Achieve says the three person group home will open as early as the end of this month.
They hope in time the community will embrace their new neighbors.
Alex Howard for Fox 40 HD News