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Seceeding Upstate New York From Downstate

How would you feel about upstate New York seceeding from down state and becoming a part of Pennsylvania?

On Tuesday night at the Vestal Library Aaron Price from the group Gas Odyssey spoke about seceeding because state government doesn't really care about upstate. He says everything north of Poughkeepsie would be considered upstate and says the process would be spelled out through the constitution. Once merged with Pennsylvania they would ask the state to place a special tax on shale gas production on upstate that would last for ten years. That money would be used to revitalize upstate cities including Binghamton.

"Surely upstate New York can develop a better way of life than what we have now. Secession will return us to the values that made us great. Secession is about making Broome County and the rest of upstate work again" said Aaron Price, Director, Gas Odyssey.

Price says the new Pennsylvania will have double the population and land mass and will open new possibilities for growth.