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Nimmo, Conforto named among Top 50 Prospects

Baseball America released it's annual Top 50 Prospects list and two Binghamton Mets made the list. Former first round draft picks Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo ranked 14th and 48th respectively. It's becoming difficult to talk about one without mentioning the other lately. Both are left handed hitting outfielders, both are former first round picks, and both are headed to the MLB Futures Game.

With both still in the long term plans of the organization, playing together in Binghamton is beneficial for both of them, even if being ranked 34 spots behind his younger counterpart creates some friendly competition for Nimmo.

"I have no ill will towards him," he said smiling. "I have nothing against him. He in fact, it's nice to have him. We are both left handed hitters, we're similar size, he obviously has more power than I do just naturally. But, we do have similar approaches at the plate. So, it's nice to have another guy that's similar to me, to be able to talk to how a pitcher's pitching him, or just the mental and detailed part of the game. So, I've really enjoyed having him here for the short period that he's been here."

Both will represent the New York Mets and Team USA in the MLB Futures Game in Cincinnati on July 12th. Nimmo will then travel to Portland for the Eastern League All-Star Game on the 15th.