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Grocery Store to Come to Northside of Binghamton

A new grocery store is on it's way to Binghamton.

It's all part of an overall $4 million plan announced by Binghamton Mayor Rich David and Senator Tom Libous -- to redevelop the former Big Lots Plaza into a full service supermarket.

Senator Libous worked to secure $150,000 in site development from the New York State Dormitory Authority for the plaza's redevelopment.
The new "Grocery City Market" will be approximately 10,000 square feet and offer fresh produce, meat and seafood.

The Mayor says a grocery store has been a long time necessity for the area.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said, "This is really a food dessert its a quality of life issue a basic necessity, Access to fresh affordable and this is something that the city has missed out on for a long time and its been a top priority of this administration."

Binghamton resident John said, "People get tired especially like the older people who don't have means of getting around as far as transportation and having this grocery store right here in the heart of Binghamton it'd be great for them."

The Mayor says crews are expected to start the project within the next 60 days. Doors are expected to open mid 2016.