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What Should We do for Those Who are Dying?

The National issues forum is posing the question: What should we do for those who are dying?

Today SUNY Broome's Center for Civic Engagement Hosted a discussion focusing on end of life issues.

The forum explored three options: to preserve life no matter what condition, option two: to maintain the quality of life which could include hospice as a final strategy, and option three promotes individual choice and freedom.

Speakers talked about the millions of Americans with chronic illnesses requesting the right to take their own life or with the assistance of a healthcare provider, but "right to die" laws are not legal in many states.

Professor Doug Garnar said, "We first need to begin to have the conversation about the end of you're own life. It's like a taboo in our society we don't want to talk about death."

Conversations will continue this Wednesday July 8th at the Broome West Senior Center from 10:30 to noon and again on July 27th at the Johnson City Senior Center from 9:30 to 11:00 am.