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Officials React After Bid Dropped for Binghamton Casino

Tioga Downs is now the sole applicant for a casino license in the Southern Tier.

According to county officials Jeffrey Hyman has dropped his bid for a casino in Binghamton. Hyman considered developing a casino at the old Stow Manufacturing site.

Binghamton City Council members have already approved the bid last week, but after changed DEC environmental zone maps, the site would no longer be eligible for environmental tax credits.

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston released a statements saying, “It’s terrible that the DEC came out this decision days before the application was due, costing Broome the opportunity to win a transformative state project, “On one hand, the State tells us it wants to help our region. Then on the other hand, at the exact same time, they make an unexpected last minute decision that tanks what could’ve been the biggest private investment in this community in decades. The State really let us down. The Governor rightly said he wanted a competition. But then one of his State agencies effectively killed the competition. We deserve answers," said Preston.

Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural also released a statement, "We are aware that Mr. Hyman has decided not to pursue a casino license in Binghamton.
From the beginning, we have been focused on improving our second RFA submission for the license and we're confident that our project is the right choice for the Southern Tier. We look forward to bringing much needed revenue, jobs and assistance to the region through the successful award of a full gaming license." Gural said.

Proposals are due by 4 p.m. Monday along with a $1 million application fee.