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Chuckster's Celebrates 5th Anniversary

A miniature golf course is celebrating five years since teeing off.

Fourth of July weekend Chuckster's Family Fun Park in Vestal celebrated their five year anniversary inviting the community to enjoy some family entertainment.
Hundreds came out this weekend and enjoyed special events like a t-shirt giveaway and a free upgrade on a waffle cone.

Owners say that the course's environment is what has helped to keep customers coming back since opening in 2010.

"It's a great place to come for a family, or if you're with friends, or if you want to come out for a date night. It's just very relaxing and enjoyable. One of the things that we try to do is have a very high-quality place to come to. That's very important to us that people come and leave with a great feeling and want to come back and enjoy it year after year," said Co-Owner of Chuckster's Randy Stutzman.

The park will be adding a new addition to their attractions in just a couple of weeks -- a 700 ft. tall dual racing thrill ride based on a zip line.