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Maine-Endwell Students Collect Cans for After Prom Party

After all of the Fourth of July festivities, Maine-Endwell students are asking for your cans and bottles.

Sunday, more than 15 volunteers from the school gathered in Endwell to collect cans and bottles for the school's after prom party next year.
Volunteers asked residents to bring the redeemable items to them... they also went around the neighborhood asking for donations.

Last year the school raised more than $700 for the party and this year, with thousands of incoming cans and bottles, students say they expect to exceed last year's number.

"We're raising money for our after prom party which is after our prom we have a little get together in the gym of our school. We have bounce houses and stuff like that. We have this so that after prom we don't make destructive decisions with drinking and driving and stuff like that," said Class of 2015-2016 Maine-Endwell Senior Hannah George.

Maine-Endwell's next prom will be held on the 17th of June next year.