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Broome County Sheriff's Office Investigates July 4th Calls and Incidents

The Broome County Sheriff's office is investigating the amount of calls they've received this 4th of July weekend.

Sheriff's officials say they've received a high volume of calls this weekend regarding incidents like domestic disputes and people driving under the influence.

One of the main problems that they received complaints on was the use of fireworks within residential areas. Broome County law enforcement say it's vital to remember during the holiday-- and at all times-- the use of these explosives must be left to professionals with permits... as all fireworks are illegal in Broome County unless of course, you have a permit.

"If it's a simple firework complaint and you investigate it and somebody explodes, say, a Bottle Rocket, that's only a violation. However, if the amount of fireworks goes up, and the amount of worth of the fireworks, the level of the explosives; then the charges can become misdemeanors. That's where you start getting problems with people who go down and buy $1,000 worth of fireworks and never get a permit. The outcome, depending on the level and the number of explosives that they have can increase to even jail time," said Broome County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Shaun Carnevale.

Officials say the total number of incidents this holiday weekend are still being investigated.