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A Push for Solar in the Southern Tier

By Fox 40 Staff.
Southern Tier Solar Works keeps pushing it's product - the Sun.

Thursday the group kicked off it's Summer campaign to get homes and businesses to switch to solar energy at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Riverside Drive in Binghamton.

The church has had a solar system since 2010. Two Southern Tier Solar Works campaigns in the last two years have resulted in 97 families to go solar. State and federal incentives and tax credits have been key in getting many to install solar, But the head of this program says the need for those incentives may soon disappear.

"Downstate where their electric rates are two to three times ours I don't think they're going to need incentives too much longer, frankly. It is such an obvious and immediate savings for them. Our rates go up every three years also. We're so close to the point where incentives are going to become a thing of the past but we're not there yet," said Adam Flint of Southern Tier Solar Works.

According to Southern Tier Solar Works New York ranks third behind California and Nevada in new solar capacity in the first quarter of 2015.